Village Ministry

God enabled us (INDIAN APOSTOLIC MISSION CHURCH, CHENNAI – PASTOR T D LAZAR) to gift this car to a village Church Called RAMACHANDRAPURAM, DHRAKSHARAM, KAKKINADA ANDHRA for the village Gospel work
Please pray for this village ministry


Blessings From Pastor T D Lazar

After he was elected as MP for CENTRAL CHENNAI REGION he thanked for the prophecy which is fulfilled receiving the blessings from Pastor T D Lazar
Honorable Minister for CO-OPTEX AND HANDLOOM attended the Sunday Service and giving Testimony

This Church and Pastor T D LAZAR was targeted by the RSS and BJP

This church and Pastor T D LAZAR was targeted by the RSS and BJP extremists broken his car and pulled out him to kill but police men rescued this pastor on 18th June 2014(Mr Modi resumed as the PRIME MINISTER OF INDIA in May 2014)


1994 Church Fire Photos

Church was set fired by the Hindu fennatics on 27.7.1994 early morning 4.30 am Pastor Pastor’ Mrs and three small children were escaped from the fire lost his certificates documents


Worship At Theater


How to pray for 1 Hour!

SEEK MY FACE (Ps.27:8)

  1. Seek His face through calling on the Name of the Lord (5 minutes)

The God, the Source of all steadfastness and encouragement, Compassionate and merciful God, El-Shaddai (the All-sufficient; Satisfier), Jahweh-Jireh (God shall provide; Provider), Jahweh-Ropheka (the Lord who heals you), Jahweh-Shalom (the Lord gives rest; the Lord is peace), The Lord of the whole world, Jesus Christ the Way, the Truth and the Life, Christ the Power and Wisdom of God, The Lamb in the centre of the throne, The Lamb that was slain, Christ the Hope of glory, the Spirit of: Liberty, Insight, Counsel and Strength, Knowledge and Fear of the Lord, Grace and Supplication, Holiness, Love, Truth, Power, Self-control, Wisdom and Revelation of the Knowledge of Him, the Spirit of Glory.

  1. Seek His face by praying for personal revival (5 minutes) Prayerfully consider these questions:
  • Is there any unconfused sin in my life?
  • Do I harbor unforgiveness and bitterness in my life?
  • Are there any doubtful practices or activities in my life?
  • Am I obeying the Holy Spirit promptly in all things?
  • Am I confessing Jesus unashamedly?


  1. Seek His face for unsaved families, friends or individuals (5 minutes)
  • _______________________________________________________
  • _______________________________________________________
  • _______________________________________________________
  • _______________________________________________________
  • _______________________________________________________

Pray for their salvation, that God will bless them (spiritually, socially, emotionally), and pray for their felt needs.

  1. Seeking His face for His glory to be revealed in the church (5 minutes)
  • _______________________________________________________
  • _______________________________________________________
  • _______________________________________________________
  • _______________________________________________________
  • _______________________________________________________

And/or Seek His face for the church (5 minutes) 

  • For congregations to be restored as houses of prayer for all nations (Isa.56:7, Matt.21:13)
  • For congregations that fulfill the Great Commission (Matt.28:18-20)
  • For congregations to fulfill the Great Commandment (Matt.22:37-40)
  • For spiritual revival in the church
  • For a church that will be faithful to the Word and relevant in addressing the needs of the people
  1. Seeking His face for your own personal needs (5 minutes)
  • ______________________________________________________
  • ______________________________________________________
  • ______________________________________________________
  • ______________________________________________________
  • ______________________________________________________
  1. Seek His face through watching and listening (5 minutes)

Ask the Lord to reveal new things to you, things that He wants you to notice and pay attention to. Ask God to reveal his will and strategies/plans to you. Ask the Lord for things that are on his heart that He wants you to pray about. Write down (journal) what you sense God is saying to you.

  1. Seek His face by praying the Word (5 minutes)

Start to pray systematically through the Psalms. Read and pray through 2-3 Psalms every time you pray.

  1. Seek His face for the breaking of the strongholds of evil and that people will repent about their involvement in these sins (5 minutes)
  • Witchcraft and idolatry.
  • Injustices & harmful acts and deeds.
  • Racism & racial hatred and ethnic pride.
  • Ungodly covenants.

And/or Seek His face for breakthroughs and His intervention in the following global challenges (5 minutes) 

  • The HIV/AIDS pandemic.
  • The increasing number of poor and needy people.
  • Corruption on all levels. 4. The persecuted church in many nations.
  • Wars, bloodshed and ethnic violence be praying also for millions of refugees.
  • Children at risk: the abuse and exploitation of children.
  1. Seek His face for the nations (5 minutes)

Write down the names of 5 nations and pray for them

  • _____________________________________________________
  • _____________________________________________________
  • _____________________________________________________
  • _____________________________________________________
  • _____________________________________________________
  • For revival.
  • For the salvation of the unsaved and unreached.
  • For Godly and mature spiritual leaders.
  • For the multiplication of committed disciples.
  • For a missions awakening in local churches.

And/or Seek His face for the nations (5 minutes) 

  • That the nations will see that Christ Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Live (Joh.14:6)
  • That the unreached peoples of the earth will be reached with the gospel
  • For the coming of God’s peace and glory to countries and nations
  • That kings and governments will submission to the Lordship of Jesus as the King of Kings
  • That God will bless the nations
  1. Seek His face for the following global issues (5 minutes)
  • For the revealing of God’s glory over all the earth
  • For the healing of the nations
  • For reconciliation on all levels (families, churches, ethnic groups or races, countries, etc.)
  • For the breaking of strongholds, structures and political systems that destroy the lives of people.
  • Ask for God’s blessing on the nations.

And/or Seek His face for the youth: 

  • That this generation of young people will reach their generation with the gospel
  • For young people to come into a new intimacy with God and obedience to God
  • For radical committed disciples, living in holiness
  • To radically serve God and to follow Him wherever He leads.
  • For compassionate hearts, to reach even those in the gutters and serving the poor.
  1. Seek His face for the reconciliation of people with Himself and others (5 minutes)
  • Those nations will confess their sins of hurting, suppressing and abusing their own people and other nations.
  • For reconciliation on all levels (in families, oppression of women and children, between churches and denominations, ethnic groups or races, between countries, etc.)
  • For the breaking of strongholds, structures and political systems that destroy the lives of people.
  • The individuals, families, clans, ethnic groups will forgive those that violated in any form.
  • Through acts of restitution and blessing one another.
  1. Seek His face by praise and worship (5 minutes)

End your time of prayer with praise and worship. Thank God for his goodness and take time to bless individuals that come to mind in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.